Networks Planning

Path Survey

Assembling of pertinent geographical and environmental data required to design an Outdoor cabling or radio communication system by using GPS, measuring wheel, Ranger and many tools and equipments to collect all information about the site

Network Design

Choose the suitable network topology
Prepare Bills of quantities for passive and active materials
Calculate budget loss of links

Route & Site Studies:

Development of Indoor & Outdoor Distribution Systems
Traffic Studies
Site Optimization

Networks Installation

Route Preparation

Cleaning cable routes
Conduit calibration and conduit repairing

Cables Installation

Indoor fiber optic and copper cables installation through ducting, conduit ,cable trays
Outdoor fiber optic cable laying by using direct buried techniques
Outdoor fiber optic cable by Pulling through conduits
Fiber optic blowing

Cable Splicing and Termination

Structured and coaxial cables termination
Fiber optic mechanical termination
Fiber optic splicing by fusion splicer

Networks Testing

Copper Networks testing by cable analyzer

Fiber optic testing by VFL, Loss test kit and OTDR

Traffic, Data and Network Testing

Management and Maintenance

Network management ensures that all network elements perform optimally with minimum service disruption for the customer.

Maintenance services include remote monitoring, routine maintenance and downtime repair

Maintenance services include fault allocation and network’s parts repair